VB Script Constants and Variables

Create Constants and Variables.

Create constants in VBScript with the Const statement.

   For example: 
   Const MY_STRING = "This is my string."
   Const MY_PERCENTAGE = 75
   Const DATE_OF_BIRTH = #6-1-97#
   Note that strings are enclosed in quotes (")
   Dates and times are enclosing in number signs (#)

   Create (variant) variables in VBScript with the Dim statement,
   the Public statement, and the Private statement. 
   For example: 
   Dim StrMyTextString
   Dim IntMyInteger

   Dim MyArray(10)

If you want to declare variables explicitly, the Option Explicit statement must be the first statement in your script.

Assigning Values to Variables

Values are assigned to variables with = as follows:

IntMyInteger = 200

StrMyTextString = "This is an example string"

   MyArray(0) = 23
   MyArray(1) = 45
   MyArray(2) = 500
   MyArray(10) = 21

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Set variable = object - Assign an object reference

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