Windows Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for the Windows CMD shell and PowerShell.

 ALT+ENTER Switch to/from full screen mode.
  [Tab]    Autocomplete folder/file name.
  ↓ / ↑    Scroll through history of typed commands.
 F1 F1 F1  Print characters of the previous command one by one.
  F2 Z     Repeat part of the previous command; up to character Z
  F3       Repeat the previous command
  F4 Z     Beginning from the current cursor position, delete up to character Z.
  F5       Scroll through history of typed commands (↑).
  F7       Show history of previous commands.
 ALT+F7    Clear command history
  F8       Move backwards through the command history, but only display
           commands matching the current text at the command prompt.
  F9       Run a specific command from the command history.
  ESC      Clear command line
 INSERT    Toggle Insert/Overwrite
 Ctrl Home Erase line to the left.
 Ctrl End  Erase line to the right.
 Ctrl ←    Move one word to the left (backward)
 Ctrl →    Move one word to the right (forward)
  ⌫       Erase character to the left.
 [Home]    Move to beginning of line.
 [End]     Move to end of line.
  ⇧ PgUp   Scroll window up (may not work in some versions of Windows XP)
  ⇧ PgDn   Scroll window Down (may not work in some versions of Windows XP)
 Ctrl-C    Abort current command/typing.
Left Alt + Left ⇧ + PrtScn
           Toggle High Visibility screen mode.
 Ctrl-Z    Signal end-of-file.

⇧ is the Shift key
⌫ is the Backspace key

"If NumLock is on, pressing a key on the numeric keypad while holding SHIFT overrides NumLock and instead generates an arrow key" ~ OldNewThing


Doskey /history - Show history of previous commands
Get-History - PowerShell command history
Equivalent bash Keyboard shortcuts

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