Carry out the Rename action in Visual Basic.

      DoCmd.Rename(NewName, ObjectType, OldName)

   NewName    The new name for the object, a string expression.

   ObjectType An AcObjectType constant for the type of object to rename.
              default = acDefault.

   OldName    A valid object name of the type specified by ObjectType, a string expression.

Use the Rename method to rename a specified database object.

If the ObjectType and OldName arguments are left blank (the default constant, acDefault, is assumed for ObjectType), Microsoft Access will rename the object currently selected in the Database window.

To select an object in the Database window, you can use the SelectObject method with the In Database Window argument set to Yes (True).


'Change the table named "Staff table" to T_Employees
DoCmd.Rename "Staff Table", acTable, "T_Employees"

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Close - Close a form/report/window.
DeleteObject - Delete an object.

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