Microsoft Access How-to guides and examples

Tables and Columns

Number Data Types Access data Types.
Naming conventions  The standard 'Reddick VBA Naming convention' for Access.
Database Design Designing tables and columns to meet 1st, 2nd and 3rd normal form.
NULL values Dealing with NULL values.
Embed a Subquery Select As SubQuery
Upsizing Upsize an Access database to SQL Server
ODBC connections Create an ODBC connection to SQL Server

Form Design

Defaults How to set form default properties.
Filter as You Type  Instantly filter a continuous form.
Error traps Error trapping ODBC errors
Form References  Reference the controls on other forms or subforms.
Replace Font Globally replace a Font in design view - this can fix bitmap vs ClearType font issues.
Window Style Overlapping vs Tabbed Windows.

VBA coding

Colors Access color codes.
Functions Access functions in SQL or VBA.
Bulk Edit Loop through the controls on every form to change properties in bulk.
VBA Keyboard shortcuts   
DAO and ADO Database Access via VBA.
Export Publisher to PDF Bulk export Microsoft Publisher files to PDF.
Extract Long Raw

Extract Long Raw binary data from an attached table.


Error trapping NULLs You tried to assign the null value to a variable
Invalid Procedure Call or Argument  Decompiling and fixing VBA references.
Progress Meter Display progress on the Status bar.
Ribbon (toolbar) Maximise, Minimise or Hide the RIbbon Toolbar.
Trusted Locations Set trusted network folders.

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