Microsoft Access How-to guides and examples

Tables and Columns

Number Data Types - Access data Types.
Naming conventions - The standard 'Reddick VBA Naming convention' for Access.
Database Design - Designing tables and columns to meet 1st, 2nd and 3rd normal form.
NULL values - Dealing with NULL values.
Embed a Subquery - Select As SubQuery
Upsize an Access database to SQL Server
Create an ODBC connection to SQL Server

Form Design

Defaults - How to set form default properties.
Filter as You Type - Instantly filter a continuous form.
Error trapping ODBC errors
Access Form References - Reference the controls on other forms or subforms.
Replace Font - Globally replace a Font in design view - this can fix bitmap vs ClearType font issues.
Overlapping vs Tabbed Windows

VBA coding

Colors - Access color codes.
Functions - Access functions in SQL or VBA.
Bulk Edit - Loop through the controls on every form to change properties in bulk.
VBA Keyboard shortcuts
DAO and ADO - Database Access via VBA


Progress Meter - Display progress on the Status bar.
Error trapping NULLs - You tried to assign the null value to a variable
Invalid Procedure Call or Argument - Decompiling and fixing VBA reference.
Ribbon (toolbar) - Maximise, Minimise or Hide the RIbbon Toolbar.
Trusted Locations - Set trusted network folders.

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