Cancel any pending updates for a Recordset object.


   UpdateType  The type of update, as specified in Settings 
               (ODBCDirect workspaces only).

Use the CancelUpdate method to cancel any pending updates resulting from an Edit or AddNew operation.

If a user invokes the Edit or AddNew method and hasn’t yet invoked the Update method, then the changes can be cancelled. The EditMode property of the Recordset will show if there is a pending operation that can be canceled.


Dim db As Database
Dim rst As Recordset

Set dbs = OpenDatabase("Northwind.mdb")
Set rst = dbsNorthwind.OpenRecordset("Employees", dbOpenDynaset)
With rst
   !FirstName = "Fred"
   !LastName = "Bloggs"
End With

“Even God cannot change the past” ~ Agathon


Update - Save a recordset.
OpenRecordset - Create a new Recordset
AddNew - Add a new record to a recordset.

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