DU.exe / DU64.exe (SysInternals)

Report the disk space usage for a directory. By default DU will recurse to show the total size of a directory and its subdirectories.

      DU [-c[t]] [-l levels | -n | -v] [-u] [-q] [Directory]

   -c 	Print output as CSV. 
   -ct  Print output with tab delimiting.
   -l 	Specify subdirectory depth of information (default is all levels).
   -n 	Do not recurse.
   -v 	Show size (in KB) of intermediate directories.
   -u 	Count each instance of a hardlinked file.
   -q 	Quiet (no banner).

When installing du.exe just ensure it is placed somewhere in either the system PATH or in the current directory.


List the files in E:\work and subfolders in verbose mode:

C:\demo\> DU -v E:\work

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Equivalent PowerShell: DirUse Script to list directory sizes.
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