System Information - display details about hardware configuration, computer components, software and drivers.

      Msinfo32 [/pch] [/nfo PathName] [/report PathName]
         [/computer ComputerName] [/showcategories]
            [/category categoryID] [/categories categoryID]

   /nfo PathName   Save the information as a .nfo file
                   An .nfo file name extension will be appended to the name if needed.

   /report PathName
                   Output a text file

   /computer       Get details from a remote computer

   /categories     Display or output the specified categories

   /category       Set focus to a specific category at startup

   /pch            Display History View

Start System Information with the category IDs displayed instead of the friendly names or the localized names. For example, when you use this switch, the Software Environment category is displayed as the SWEnv category. SWEnv is a valid categoryID argument for the /category switch and the /categories switch.

If no options are specified the GUI interface will open.

MSinfo32 can also be started from Help ➞ About rather than the command line, it is not normally in the system path, but can usually be found in:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSInfo\

Generation of the text file can take some time, depending on the complexity of the system.

If you have problems getting MSInfo32 to run, check permissions on the following key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSInfo\

Msinfo32 is a replacement for WINMSD


Create a text report file in the folder C:\Temp with a name of Test.txt:

msinfo32 /report C:\TEMP\test.txt

Create an NFO report file in the folder C:\Temp with a name of Test.NFO:

msinfo32 /nfo C:\TEMP\test.nfo

View System Information for a remote computer with a UNC name of Server64:

msinfo32 /computer Server64

List all the available category IDs:

msinfo32 /showcategories

Display only System Summary information and create an .nfo file called mysummary.nfo containing the same information:

msinfo32 /nfo mysummary.nfo /categories +systemsummary

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SYSTEMINFO - List system configuration.
Equivalent PowerShell: Get-CIMInstance - Get WMI class information.

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