Recover a damaged file from a defective disk.

      RECOVER [drive:][path]filename

You must specify a filename.

Recover is designed to help in the case of hardware failure. When a drive fails the failure is not always total, you can often read some files but not others, and some files will be only partly readable.

The data on a disk is stored in tracks and sectors in an almost random manner.

RECOVER reads a file sector by sector and recovers data from the good sectors, data stored in a bad sectors cannot be read so this will often result in a partial recovery with some data loss. Restoring a backup is almost always a better option.

Recover does not allow you to undelete a file.

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Related commands

CHKDSK - Check Disk - check and repair disk problems.
Equivalent bash command (Linux): cksum - Print CRC checksum and byte counts (can detect problems but not fix them).

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