How-to: Remove Quotes from a string

Several routines that can be used to remove quotes from the contents of a variable.

In the majority of cases running any current version of Windows, the simplest method is to use %~1 Parameter Extensions to remove the quotes automatically

   Set _string=%~1
   Echo the string passed to this script is %_string% 

(you may also want to test IF the variable is empty/NULL)

This is equivalent to the following, which can be used to remove outer quotes from any string, not just a parameter string:

   :: Remove quotes
   SET _string=###%_string%###
   SET _string=%_string:"###=%
   SET _string=%_string:###"=%
   SET _string=%_string:###=%

If you just want to remove ALL quotes from a string, this can be done in one line with variable replace syntax:

   Set _somevariable=%_somevariable:"=%

File and folder names cannot (legally) contain quotes so the above is often all that's needed.

A one line function, using a FOR command to run parameter expansion and remove quotes (the %~A removes the quotes), this is a good approach when you need to dequote multiple strings, just call the function with each string:

::::::::: one line Dequote example ::::::::::::
@Echo Off
Set _mypath="C:\Program Files\ss64\"
CALL :dequote _mypath
Echo %_mypath%
Goto :eof

for /f "delims=" %%A in ('echo %%%1%%') do set %1=%%~A
Goto :eof

The above will turn "C:\Program Files\ss64\" into C:\Program Files\ss64\

If the line in bold is saved as a single line batch file DeQuote.cmd, then it can be called from other batch scripts:

CALL DeQuote.cmd VariableName

There may be cases when you only want to affect the string if it both starts and ends with a quote and raise an error or some other action if mismatched quotes are found. Some more complex scripts to handle this can be found here in the forum.

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