Display the date and time independent of OS Locale, Language or the users chosen date format (Control Panel/Regional).

If all you need is the current date and time in local format, you can just use the built in variables %date% and %time% the more difficult problem is making this work for any locale so that it can be used across international networks.

Method 1 - Calling a VBScript getdate.vbs

@Echo off
For /f %%G in ('cscript /nologo getdate.vbs') do set _dtm=%%G
Set _yyyy=%_dtm:~0,4%
Set _mm=%_dtm:~4,2%
Set _dd=%_dtm:~6,2%
Set _hh=%_dtm:~8,2%
Set _nn=%_dtm:~10,2%
Echo %_yyyy%-%_mm%-%_dd%T%_hh%:%_nn%

Method 2 - Calling WMIC

@Echo off
:: Check WMIC is available
WMIC.EXE Alias /? >NUL 2>&1 || GOTO s_error

:: Use WMIC to retrieve date and time
FOR /F "skip=1 tokens=1-6" %%G IN ('WMIC Path Win32_LocalTime Get Day^,Hour^,Minute^,Month^,Second^,Year /Format:table') DO (
   IF "%%~L"=="" goto s_done
      Set _yyyy=%%L
      Set _mm=00%%J
      Set _dd=00%%G
      Set _hour=00%%H
      SET _minute=00%%I

:: Pad digits with leading zeros
      Set _mm=%_mm:~-2%
      Set _dd=%_dd:~-2%
      Set _hour=%_hour:~-2%
      Set _minute=%_minute:~-2%

:: Display the date/time in ISO 8601 format:
Set _isodate=%_yyyy%-%_mm%-%_dd% %_hour%:%_minute%
Echo %_isodate%


Echo GetDate.cmd
Echo Displays date and time independent of OS Locale, Language or date format.
Echo Requires Windows XP Professional, Vista or Windows 7
Echo Returns 6 environment variables containing isodate,Year,Month,Day,hour and minute.
Based on the sorted date code by Rob van der Woude.

Previous versions of this script (for Windows XP) used the DATE command, under Windows 7 this now gives different output strings dependent on the short date format and OS Language.

"I've been on the calendar, but never on time" ~ Marilyn Monroe


datetime.vbs - Get Date, Time and daylight savings (VB Script)
Get UNIX format date - Dave Benham / StackOverflow (WMIC)
Standard date and time notation - YYYY-MM-DD
Date/Time scripts - Rob van der Woude
Date/Time scripts - Ritchie Lawrence

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