Microsoft Windows diagnostics
Reports: Memory use, Services, Devices, IRQ's Ports, Environment variables, Network (rights, transport, stats), Hardware, Display.

      WINMSD [\\computername] options

       /a     All details
       /s     Summary details only
       /f     Send output to a file <computername.txt> in the current directory 
       /p     Send output to a printer

      WINMSD with no switches will open the GUI with details of the computer you are logged into. 

When a remote computername is specified then less info will be reported
e.g. Diskspace and Memory won't be listed

Hot keys within the GUI:

SHIFT - F2 copies the current tab to the clipboard,
F2 copies a summary of the current tab to the clipboard

WINMSDP requires the SERVER service to be running.

“It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards” ~ The White Queen (Through the Looking Glass)


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