Create a file.

          mkfile [ -nv ] size[b|k|m|g] filename ...
   -n     Create an empty filename.  The size is noted,  but  disk  blocks
          aren't allocated until data is written to them.

   -v     Verbose.  Report the names and sizes of created files.

mkfile creates one or more files that are suitable for use as NFS- mounted swap areas. The sticky bit is set, and the file is padded with zeroes by default. Non-root users must set the sticky bit using chmod(1).

The default size unit is bytes, but the following suffixes may be used to multiply by the given factor:
b (512), k (1024), m (1048576), and g (1073741824).

If a client's swap file is removed and recreated, it must be re-exported before the client will be able to access it.
This action may only be done when the client is not running.

The throughput performance of mkfile when creating large files will be reduced by the Meltdown patch (2018).


  mkfile -n ~/newfile.txt

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