Send the input object(s) to two places, an input object is piped to a file or variable, and then also passed along the pipeline.

      Tee-Object [-filePath] string
         [-inputObject psobject] [CommonParameters]

      Tee-Object -variable string
         [-inputObject psobject] [CommonParameters]

   -inputObject psobject
       The object to tee.
       Enter a variable, command or expression that gets the objects.

   -filePath string
       Save the input object(s) to a file named string.

   -variable string
       Assign the input object(s) to a variable named string.

Standard Aliases for Tee-Object: tee


Get a list of the processes running and send to a file and also the console:

PS C:\> get-process | tee-object -filepath C:\fileA.txt

Get a list of the processes running and send to two files at once:

PS C:\> get-process | tee-object -filepath C:\fileA.txt | out-file C:\fileB.txt

Save a list of processes to a variable (myprocs) then use Tee-Object to save the myprocs to file and also display on the console:

PS C:\> $myprocs = Get-Process |Select-Object processname,handles
PS C:\> Tee-Object -inputObject $myprocs -filepath C:\fileC.txt

Save all the properties of the notepad process to a variable and then select and display just the ProcessName and Handles:

PS C:\> get-process notepad | tee-object -variable proc | select-object processname,handles

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference” ~ Robert Frost (The Road Not Taken)

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