BitLocker Drive Encryption: Configuration Tool. Configure BitLocker Drive Encryption on disk volumes.

      manage-bde[.exe] -parameter [arguments]

   -status     Provide information about BitLocker-capable volumes.
   -on         Encrypt the volume and turns BitLocker protection on.
   -off        Decrypt the volume and turns BitLocker protection off.
   -pause      Pause encryption, decryption, or free space wipe.
   -resume     Resume encryption, decryption, or free space wipe.
   -lock       Prevent access to BitLocker-encrypted data.
   -unlock     Allow access to BitLocker-encrypted data.
   -autounlock Manage automatic unlocking of data volumes.
   -protectors Manage protection methods for the encryption key.
   -SetIdentifier or -si  Configure the identification field for a volume.
   -ForceRecovery or -fr  Force a BitLocker-protected OS to recover on restarts.
   -changepassword        Modify password for a data volume.
   -changepin  Modify PIN for a volume.
   -changekey  Modify startup key for a volume.
   -KeyPackage or -kp     Generate a key package for a volume.
   -upgrade    Upgrade the BitLocker version.
   -WipeFreeSpace or -w   Wipe the free space on the volume.
   -ComputerName or -cn   Run on another computer. Examples: "Computer64", ""

   -? or /?    Display brief help. Example: "-ParameterSet -?"

   -Help or -h Display complete help. Example: "-ParameterSet -h"

Use the -h or -help option to see the full options for each of the commands above e.g. manage-bde -on -h


manage-bde -status
manage-bde -on C: -RecoveryPassword -RecoveryKey F:\
manage-bde -unlock E: -RecoveryKey F:\84E151C1...7A62067A512.bek

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PowerShell: Enable-BitLocker / Suspend-BitLocker / Get-BitLockerVolume

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