Add a workstation or server account to the domain. In Windows 10 use the Add-Computer PowerShell cmdlet instead.

      NETDOM ADD machine [/Domain:domain]
         [/UserD:user] [/PasswordD:[password | *]]
            [/Server:server] [/OU:ou_path] [/DC] [/SecurePasswordPrompt]

   Machine     The name of the computer to be added

   /Domain     The domain in which to create the machine account

   /UserD      User account used to make the connection with the domain
               specified by the /Domain argument

   /PasswordD  Password of the user account specified with /UserD.
               Specifying a * will prompt for the password.

   /Server     Name of a specific domain controller that should be used to perform
               the Add. This option cannot be used with the /OU option.

   /OU         Organizational unit under which to create the machine account.
               To use this argument, you must be run the command directly on a domain
               controller for the specified domain.
               ou_path must be a fully qualified (RFC 1779) DN for the OU.
               If this argument is ommited, the account will be created
               under the default OU.

   /DC         Create a Domain Controller machine account.
               This option cannot be used with the /OU option. 

               Use secure credentials popup to specify credentials.
               Use when smartcard credentials need to be specified.
               This only takes effect when the password is supplied as *

Netdom options can be abbreviated to just the UPPER case letters, e.g. /PasswordD can be supplied as just /PD

“Everything you add to the truth subtracts from the truth” ~ Aleksander Solzhenitsyn

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