Domain Manager - Manage Machine Accounts and Passwords.

   NETDOM ADD        Add a workstation or server account to the domain
   NETDOM COMPUTERNAME Manage computer names
   NETDOM HELP       Display help
   NETDOM JOIN       Join a workstation or member server to the domain
   NETDOM MoveNT4BDC Rename an NT4 backup domain controller
   NETDOM MOVE       Move a workstation or member server to a new domain
   NETDOM QUERY      Query the domain for information
   NETDOM TRUST      Manage or verify the trust relationship between domains
   NETDOM REMOVE     Remove a workstation or server from the domain.
   NETDOM RENAMECOMPUTER Rename a computer.
   NETDOM RESETPWD   Reset the machine account password for a domain controller
   NETDOM RESET      Reset the secure connection between a workstation and a DC
   NETDOM VERIFY     Verify the secure connection between a workstation and a DC

NetDom is available as part of the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) on clients or on a Server OS by default, with the AD DS or AD LDS server roles.

To enable NETDOM: Control Panel | Programs and Features | Windows features | Remote Server Administration Tools | Role Administration Tools | AD DS and AD LDS Tools | select AD DS Tools.

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Q216393 - Resetting computer accounts in Windows.

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