PsPasswd (SysInternals)

Change account password

      pspasswd [[\\computer[,computer[,..] | @file 
         [-u user [-p passwd]]] Username [NewPassword]


   computer   The computer on which the user account resides. Default=local system 

   -p passwd  Specify a password for user (optional). Passed as clear text.
              If omitted, you will be prompted to enter a hidden password.

   -u user    Specify a user name for login to remote computer(optional).

   @file      Execute the command on each of the computers listed in the file.

   Username   Name of account for password change.

  NewPassword  The new password, If ommitted a NULL password is applied.

   -accepteula Suppress the display of the license dialog.

This tool allows administrators to create a batch file that will run against multiple computers to perform a mass change of the administrator password.

When launched for the first time, PsPasswd will create the regkey


Change the password for user JDoe on \\workstation64

C:\> pspasswd \\workstation64 jdoe password567

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