Run a CMD batch file

To run a batch script from the CMD shell, save the file as plain ASCII text with the file extension .CMD, then from the command line, enter the name of the script and press return.

C:\Batch> Demo.cmd

To run a batch file from within another batch file, use the CALL command, otherwise the first script will exit without performing any further commands.

It is also possible to run batch scripts with the old (Windows 95 style) .BAT extension, but be aware that these will set ERRORLEVEL differently.

Run a Powershell script

To run a PowerShell script from the CMD shell:

C:\> powershell -file "c:\batch\demo.ps1"

Run a VBScript file

To run a VBScript from the CMD shell:

C:\> cscript c:\batch\demo.vbs

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Run a script from PowerShell
Run a script from VBScript

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