TLIST (Resource Kit & Windows 2000 support tools)

Task List.

Show the command, command line, working directory, memory usage and DLLs for each running task. This command is no longer supplied with recent versions of the Windows resource kit, having been replaced by TASKLIST, however if you can find a copy Tlist does have the advantage of showing the full path of the process.

      TLIST -t
      TLIST pid
      TLIST -t pid
      TLIST pattern
      TLIST -t pattern

   -t   : Show Task dependencies in Tree form
   pid  : List module information for this task
          if no PID is given - all Tasks are listed
pattern : A complete task name or expression pattern (e.g. CMD.*)
          if a pattern is given it will match against
          task names or window titles.


Batch file to show the full path of all running programs:

@ECHO off
FOR /f "tokens=1" %%G in ('tlist') DO (call :s_item %%G)
GOTO :eof

tlist %1 | find "CmdLine"

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Related commands

PsList - List detailed information about processes.
TASKLIST - List running applications and services.
MSINFO32 - Windows diagnostics.
Equivalent PowerShell: Get-Process - Get a list of processes on a machine (ps/gps).
Equivalent bash command (Linux): ps - Process status, information about processes running in memory.

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