List the keys and values saved in the registry (VBA).

      GetAllSettings appname:="AppName", Section:="Section"

      GetAllSettings"AppName", "Section"
   AppName  The name of the application or project.

   Section  The name of the section where the keys are saved.

All the registry entries will appear under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\

If either of the arguments do not exist in the registry then GetAllSettings will return an uninitialised variant.


Retrieve all the settings stored under the section named "DemoDB":

Dim MySettings as Variant, intSettings as Integer
MySettings = GetAllSettings("SS64", "DemoDB")
   For intSettings = LBound(MySettings, 1) To UBound(MySettings, 1)
      Debug.Print MySettings, 0), MySettings(intSettings, 1)
   Next intSettings

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