Print files

      lpr  [-E]  [-H server[:port]]  [-U  username] [-P destination[/instance] ]
         [ -# num-copies  [-h] [-l] [-m] [-o option[=value] ]
            [-p] [-q] [-r] [-C/-J/-T title] [ file(s) ]

   -E   Force encryption when connecting to the server.

   -H server[:port]
        Specify an alternate server.

   -C "name"   Set the job name/title.
   -J "name"   Set the job name/title.
   -T "name"   Set the job name/title.

   -P destination[/instance]
        Print files to the named printer.

   -U username
        Specifies an alternate username.

   -# copies
        Sets the number of copies to print.

   -h   Disables  banner  printing.
        This option is equivalent to -o job-sheets=none.

   -l   Specifies that the print file is already formatted for the destination and
        should be sent without filtering. This option is equivalent to -o raw.

   -m   Send an email on job completion.

   -o option[=value]
        Sets a job option.

   -p   Specifies  that  the  print file should be formatted with a shaded header
        with the date, time,  job  name,  and  page  number.
        This option  is  equivalent  to  -o prettyprint and is only useful when
        printing text files.

   -q   Hold job for printing.

   -r   Specifies that the named print files should be deleted after  submitting them.

lpr submits files for printing. Files named on the command line are sent to the named printer (or the system default destination if no des- tination is specified). If no files are listed on the command-line lpr reads the print file from the standard input.

THE DEFAULT DESTINATION CUPS provides many ways to set the default destination. The LPDEST and PRINTER environment variables are consulted first. If neither are set, the current default set using the lpoptions(1) command is used, fol- lowed by the default set using the lpadmin(8) command.

The -c, -d, -f, -g, -i, -n, -t, -v, and -w options are not supported by CUPS and produce a warning message if used.

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lpadmin - printer admin.
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