Services Windows 7 Services

A list of the default services in Windows 7.

Service Display Name Service (Registry Key) Process Description Default Status & notes
ActiveX Installer (AxInstSV) AxInstSV svchost.exe / audiosrv.dll Provides UACl validation for the installation of ActiveX controls from the Internet. Manual
Adaptive Brightness SensrSvc svchost.exe / sensrsvc.dll Monitors ambient light sensors to detect changes in ambient light and adjust the display brightness. Manual, can be disabled if no light sensors available)
Application Experience AeLookupSvc svchost.exe / aelupsvc.dll Processes application compatibility cache requests for applications as they are launched Manual
Application Host Helper Service AppHostSvc

Not Installed.
Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Application Identity AppIDSvc svchost.exe / appidsvc.dll Determines and verifies the identity of an application. Manual.
Disabling this service will prevent AppLocker from being enforced.
Application Information Appinfo svchost.exe /appinfo.dll Facilitates the running of interactive applications with additional administrative privileges. Manual (Started)
Application Layer Gateway Service ALG alg.exe Provides support for 3rd party protocol plug-ins for Internet Connection Sharing Manual
Application Management AppMgmt svchost.exe / appmgmts.dll Processes installation, removal, and enumeration requests for software deployed through Group Policy. Manual
ASP.NET State Service aspnet_state aspnet_state.exe
Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Background Intelligent Transfer Service BITS svchost.exe / qmgr.dll Transfer files using idle network bandwidth, maintain file transfers through network disconnections and computer restarts. Manual.
If disabled, then applications that depend on BITS, such as Windows Update, will be unable to automatically download files.
Base Filtering Engine BFE svchost.exe / bfe.dll Manages firewall and IPsec policies and user mode filtering. Automatic (Started)
BitLocker Drive Encryption Service BDESVC svchost.exe / bdesvc.dll Provides secure startup for theOS, as well as full volume encryption. Manual
Block Level Backup Engine Service wbengine wbengine.exe The WBENGINE service is used by Windows Backup to perform backup and recovery operations. Manual
Bluetooth Support Service bthserv svchost.exe / bthserv.dll Discovery and association of remote Bluetooth devices. Manual.
If stopped Bluetooth devices will fail to operate properly.
BranchCache PeerDistSvc peerdistsvc.dll Caches network content from peers on the local subnet. Manual
Certificate Propagation CertPropSvc svchost.exe / certprop.dll Copies user certificates and root certificates from smart cards into the current user's certificate store, detects when a smart card is inserted into a smart card reader, and, if needed, installs the smart card Plug and Play minidriver. Manual
Client for NFS NfsClnt

Not Installed.
Optional feature in Ultimate/Enterprise edition (Control Panel add features)
CNG Key Isolation KeyIso LSASS.exe (Local Security Authority Subsystem)
/ keyiso.dll
Provides key process isolation to private keys and associated cryptographic operations as required by the Common Criteria. Manual
COM+ Event System EventSystem svchost.exe / comres.dll Provides automatic distribution of events to subscribing COM components. Automatic (Started)
COM+ System Application COMSysApp dllhost.exe
Computer Browser Browser svchost.exe / browser.dll Collects the names of NetBIOS resources on the network, creating a list so that it can participate as a master browser or basic browser (one that takes part in browser elections).

This maintained list of resources (computers) is displayed in Network Neighborhood.
If disabled you can still map drives, but can't browse the whole network.

This has no effect on TCP/IP or internet browsing
Credential Manager VaultSvc LSASS.exe (Local Security Authority Subsystem)
/ vaultsvc.dll
Provides secure storage and retrieval of credentials to users, applications and security service packages. Manual
Cryptographic Services CryptSvc svchost.exe / cryptsvc.dll Confirm the signatures of Windows files, add and remove Trusted Root Certification Authority certificates, retrieve root certificates from Windows Update. Automatic (Started)
DCOM Server Process Launcher DcomLaunch svchost.exe / oleres.dll Launches COM and DCOM servers in response to object activation requests. Automatic (Started)
If this service is stopped, programs using COM or DCOM will not function properly.
Desktop Window Manager Session Manager UxSms svchost.exe / dwm.exe Provides Desktop Window Manager startup and maintenance services Automatic (Started)
DHCP Client Dhcp svchost.exe / dhcpcore.dll Registers and updates IP addresses and DNS records for this computer. Automatic (Started)
If this service is stopped, this computer will not receive dynamic IP addresses and DNS updates.
Diagnostic Policy Service DPS svchost.exe / dps.dll Enables problem detection, troubleshooting and resolution for Windows components. Automatic (Started)
Diagnostic Service Host WdiServiceHost svchost.exe / wdi.dll Diagnostic Policy Service - diagnostics that need to run in a Local Service context. Manual (Started)
Diagnostic System Host WdiSystemHost svchost.exe / wdi.dll Diagnostic Policy Service - diagnostics that need to run in a Local System context. Manual
Disk Defragmenter defragsvc svchost.exe / defragsvc.dll Provides Disk Defragmentation Capabilities. Manual
Distributed Link Tracking Client TrkWks svchost.exe / trkwks.dll Maintains links between NTFS files within a computer or across computers in a network. Automatic (Started)
Distributed Transaction Coordinator MSDTC MSDTC.exe Coordinates transactions that span multiple resource managers, such as databases, message queues, and file systems. Manual
DNS Client Dnscache discache.sys / dnsapi.dll

Resolves and caches Domain Name System (DNS) names, and registers the full computer name for this computer.

Automatic (Started)
Encrypting File System (EFS) EFS

LSASS.exe (Local Security Authority Subsystem)
/ efssvc.dll

The core file encryption technology used to store encrypted files on NTFS volumes. Manual
Extensible Authentication Protocol EapHost svchost.exe / eapsvc.dll Provides network authentication in such scenarios as 802.1x wired and wireless, VPN, and Network Access Protection (NAP). Manual
Fax Fax fxssvc.exe Send or receive faxes, using a local or network fax machine/server. Manual
Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Function Discovery Provider Host fdPHost svchost.exe / fdPHost.dll Function Discovery (FD) network discovery providers. Manual (Started)
Function Discovery Resource Publication FDResPub svchost.exe / fdrespub.dll Publish this computer and resources attached to this computer so they can be discovered over the network. Automatic (Started)
Group Policy Client gpsvc svchost.exe / gpapi.dll Applies Group Policy settings. Automatic (Started)
Health Key and Certificate Management hkmsvc svchost.exe / kmsvc.dll Provides X.509 certificate and key management services for the Network Access Protection Agent (NAPAgent). Manual.
Enforcement technologies that use X.509 certificates will not function properly without this service
HomeGroup Listener HomeGroupListener svchost.exe / ListSvc.dll Makes local computer changes associated with configuration and maintenance of the homegroup-joined computer. Automatic (Started)
HomeGroup Provider HomeGroupProvider svchost.exe / provsvc.dll Performs networking tasks associated with configuration and maintenance of homegroups. Manual (Started)
Human Interface Device Access hidserv svchost.exe / hidserv.dll Enables generic input access to Human Interface Devices (HID), predefined hot buttons on keyboards, remote controls,etc. Manual
IIS Admin Service IISADMIN

Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules IKEEXT svchost.exe / ikeext.dll Hosts the Internet Key Exchange and Authenticated Internet Protocol (AuthIP) modules. These keying modules are used for authentication and key exchange in Internet Protocol security (IPsec). Manual
Indexing Service CISVC Cisvc.exe
Index the contents and properties of files on local and remote computers.
This can become a resource hog if set to scan the entire volume or multiple volumes.
Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Interactive Services Detection UI0Detect UIODetect.exe Enables user notification of user input for interactive services, which enables access to dialogs created by interactive services when they appear. Manual
Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) SharedAccess svchost.exe / ipnathlp.dll Provides network address translation, addressing, name resolution and/or intrusion prevention services for a home or small office network. Disabled
IP Helper iphlpsvc svchost.exe / iphlpsvc.dll Provides tunnel connectivity using IPv6 transition technologies (6to4, ISATAP, Port Proxy, and Teredo), and IP-HTTPS. Automatic (Started)
IPsec Policy Agent PolicyAgent svchost.exe / polstore.dll IPsec supports network-level peer authentication, data origin authentication, data integrity, data confidentiality (encryption), and replay protection. Manual
KtmRm for Distributed Transaction Coordinator KtmRm svchost.exe / comres.dll Coordinates transactions between the Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) and the Kernel Transaction Manager (KTM). Manual
Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper lltdsvc svchost.exe / lltdres.dll Creates a Network Map, consisting of PC and device topology - connectivity and metadata. Manual

Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Media Center Extender Service Mcx2Svc svchost.exe / ehres.dll Allows Media Center Extenders to locate and connect to the computer. Disabled
Message Queuing MSMQ mqsvc.exe
Message Queuing
Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Message Queuing Triggers MSMQTriggers mqtgsvc.exe
Message Queuing
Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727 clr_optimization_v2.0.50727 mscorsvw.exe Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN
Automatic (Delayed Start, Started
Microsoft FTP Service ftpsvc

Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service MSiSCSI svchost.exe / iscsidsc.dll Manages Internet SCSI (iSCSI) sessions from this computer to remote iSCSI target devices. Manual
Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider swprv svchost.exe / swprv.dll Manages software-based volume shadow copies taken by the Volume Shadow Copy service. Manual
Multimedia Class Scheduler MMCSS svchost.exe / mmcss.dll Enables relative prioritization of work based on system-wide task priorities. This is intended mainly for multimedia applications. Automatic (Started)
Net.Msmq Listener Adapter NetMsmqActivator SMSSvcHost.exe Receives activation requests and passes them to the Windows Process Activation Service. net.msmq and msmq.formatname protocols Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Net.Pipe Listener Adapter NetPipeActivator SMSSvcHost.exe Receives activation requests and passes them to the Windows Process Activation Service. net.pipe protocol Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Net.Tcp Listener Adapter NetTcpActivator SMSSvcHost.exe Receives activation requests over the net.tcp protocol and passes them to the Windows Process Activation Service. Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service NetTcpPortSharing SMSSvcHost.exe Provides ability to share TCP ports over the net.tcp protocol. Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Netlogon Netlogon

LSASS.exe (Local Security Authority Subsystem)
/ netlogon.dll


Network Authentication: Maintains a secure channel between this computer and the domain controller for authenticating users and services. Manual
Network Access Protection Agent napagent svchost.exe / qagentrt.dll Collects and manages health information for client computers on a network. Health policy ensures that the client computer has the required software and settings. Manual
Network Connections Netman svchost.exe / netman.dll Manages objects in the Network and Dial-Up Connections folder, in which you can view both local area network and remote connections. Manual (Started)
Network List Service netprofm svchost.exe / netprofm.dll Identifies the networks to which the computer has connected, collects and stores properties for these networks, and notifies applications when these properties change. Manual (Started)
Network Location Awareness NlaSvc svchost.exe / nlasvc.dll Collects and stores configuration information for the network and notifies programs when this information is modified. Automatic (Started)
Network Store Interface Service nsi svchost.exe / nsisvc.dll delivers network notifications (e.g. interface addition/deleting etc) to user mode clients. Automatic (Started)
Offline Files CscService svchost.exe / cscsvc.dll Maintains the Offline Files cache, responds to user logon/logoff events Automatic (Started)
Parental Controls WPCSvc svchost.exe For backward compatibility only. Manual
Peer Name Resolution Protocol PNRPsvc svchost.exe / pnrpsvc.dll Enables serverless peer name resolution over the Internet using the Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP). Manual
Peer Networking Grouping p2psvc svchost.exe / p2psvc.dll Enables multi-party communication using Peer-to-Peer Grouping. Manual
Peer Networking Identity Manager p2pimsvc svchost.exe / pnrpsvc.dll Provides identity services for the Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP) and Peer-to-Peer Grouping services. Manual
Performance Counter DLL Host PerfHost perfhost.exe Enables remote users and 64-bit processes to query performance counters provided by 32-bit DLLs.
Performance Logs & Alerts pla svchost.exe / pla.dll Collects performance data from local or remote computers based on preconfigured schedule parameters, then writes the data to a log or triggers an alert. Manual
Plug and Play PlugPlay svchost.exe / umpnpmgr.dll Enables a computer to recognize and adapt to hardware changes with little or no user input. Automatic (Started)
PnP-X IP Bus Enumerator IPBusEnum svchost.exe / IPBusEnum.dll Manages the virtual network bus, discovers network connected devices and gives them presence in PnP. Manual
PNRP Machine Name Publication Service PNRPAutoReg svchost.exe / pnrpauto.dll Publishes a machine name using the Peer Name Resolution Protocol. Manual
Portable Device Enumerator Service WPDBusEnum svchost.exe / wpdbusenum.dll Enforces group policy for removable mass-storage devices. Manual
Power Power svchost.exe / umpo.dll Manages power policy and power policy notification delivery. Automatic (Started)
Print Spooler Spooler SPOOLSVC.exe Loads files to memory for later printing Automatic (Started)
Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support wercplsupport svchost.exe / wercplsupport.dll Provides support for viewing, sending and deletion of system-level problem reports for the Problem Reports and Solutions control panel. Manual
Program Compatibility Assistant Service PcaSvc svchost.exe / pcasvc.dll Provides support for the Program Compatibility Assistant (PCA). PCA monitors programs installed and run by the user and detects known compatibility problems. Manual
Protected Storage ProtectedStorage LSASS.exe (Local Security Authority Subsystem)
/ psbase.dll
Provides protected storage for sensitive data, such as passwords, to prevent access by unauthorized services, processes, or users. Manual
Quality Windows Audio Video Experience QWAVE svchost.exe / qwave.dll Quality Windows Audio Video Experience (qWave) is a networking platform for Audio Video (AV) streaming applications on IP home networks. Manual
Remote Access Auto Connection Manager RasAuto svchost.exe / rasauto.dll Creates a connection to a remote network whenever a program references a remote DNS or NetBIOS name or address. Manual
Remote Access Connection Manager RasMan svchost.exe / rasmans.dll Manages dial-up and virtual private network (VPN) connections from this computer to the Internet or other remote networks. Manual
Remote Desktop Configuration SessionEnv svchost.exe / SessEnv.dll Responsible for all Remote Desktop Services and Remote Desktop related configuration and session maintenance activities that require SYSTEM context. Manual
Remote Desktop Services TermService svchost.exe / termsrv.dll Allows users to connect interactively to a remote computer. Manual
Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector UmRdpService svchost.exe/ /umrdp.dll Allows the redirection of Printers/Drives/Ports for RDP connections Manual
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) RpcSs svchost.exe / oleres.dll The Service Control Manager for COM and DCOM servers. Aactivation requests, garbage collection. Automatic (Started)
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator RpcLocator Locator.exe In Windows 2003 and earlier versions of Windows, the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator service manages the RPC name service database. In Windows Vista and later versions of Windows, this service does not provide any functionality and is present for application compatibility. Manual
Remote Registry RemoteRegistry svchost.exe / regsvc.dll Enables remote users to modify registry settings on this computer. Manual
RIP Listener iprip isapnp.sys
Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Routing and Remote Access RemoteAccess svchost.exe / mprdim.dll Offers routing services to businesses in local area and wide area network environments. Disabled
RPC Endpoint Mapper RpcEptMapper svchost.exe / RpcEpMap.dll Resolves RPC interfaces identifiers to transport endpoints. Automatic (Started)
Secondary Logon seclogon svchost.exe / seclogon.dll Enables starting processes under alternate credentials. Manual
If this service is stopped, this type of logon access will be unavailable.
Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service SstpSvc svchost.exe / sstpsvc.dll Provides support for the Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) to connect to remote computers using VPN. Manual
Security Accounts Manager SamSs LSASS.exe (Local Security Authority Subsystem)
/ samsrv.dll
The startup of this service signals other services that the Security Accounts Manager (SAM) is ready to accept requests. Automatic (Started)
Security Center wscsvc svchost.exe / wscsvc.dll Monitors and reports security health settings: Firewall, antivirus, antispyware, Windows Update, UAC, and Internet settings Automatic (Delayed Start, Started)
Server LanmanServer svchost.exe / srvsvc.dll Supports file, print, and named-pipe sharing over the network for this computer. Automatic (Started)
Shell Hardware Detection ShellHWDetection svchost.exe / shsvcs.dll Provides notifications for AutoPlay hardware events. Automatic (Started)
Simple TCP/IP Services simptcp

Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Smart Card SCardSvr svchost.exe / SCardSvr.dll Manages access to smart cards read by this computer. Manual
Smart Card Removal Policy SCPolicySvc svchost.exe / certprop.dll Allows the system to be configured to lock the user desktop upon smart card removal. Manual

Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
SNMP Trap SNMPTRAP SNMPTRAP.exe Receives trap messages generated by local or remote Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) agents and forwards the messages to SNMP management programs running on this computer. Manual
Software Protection sppsvc SPPSVC.exe Enables the download, installation and enforcement of digital licenses for Windows and Windows applications. Automatic (Delayed Start, Started)
SPP Notification Service sppuinotify svchost.exe / sppuinotify.dll Provides Software Licensing activation and notification Manual
SSDP Discovery SSDPSRV svchost.exe / ssdpsrv.dll Discovers networked devices and services that use the SSDP discovery protocol, such as UPnP devices. Manual (Started)
Storage Service StorSvc svchost.exe / StorSvc.dll Enforces group policy for storage devices Manual
Superfetch SysMain svchost.exe / sysmain.dll Maintains and improves system performance over time. Automatic (Started)
System Event Notification Service SENS svchost.exe / Sens.dll Monitors system events and notifies subscribers to COM+ Event System of these events. Automatic (Started)
Tablet PC Input Service TabletInputService svchost.exe / TabSvc.dll Enables Tablet PC pen and ink functionality Manual
Task Scheduler Schedule svchost.exe / schedsvc.dll Configure and schedule automated tasks. Automatic (Started)
TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper lmhosts svchost.exe / lmhsvc.dll Provides support for NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NetBT) and NetBIOS name resolution for clients on the network. Automatic (Started)
If not required can be set to manual or disabled.
Telephony TapiSrv svchost.exe / tapisrv.dll Provides Telephony API (TAPI) support for programs that control telephony devices on the local computer and, through the LAN, on servers that are also running the service. Manual
Telnet TlntSvr

Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Themes Themes svchost.exe / themeservice.dll Provides user experience theme management. Automatic (Started)
Thread Ordering Server THREADORDER svchost.exe / mmcss.dll Provides ordered execution for a group of threads within a specific period of time. Manual
TPM Base Services TBS svchost.exe / tbssvc.dll Enables access to the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), which provides hardware-based cryptographic services to system components and applications. Manual
UPnP Device Host upnphost svchost.exe / upnphost.dll Allows UPnP devices to be hosted on this computer. Manual
User Profile Service ProfSvc svchost.exe / profsvc.dll Loading and unloading user profiles. Automatic (Started)
Virtual Disk vds VDS.exe Provides management services for disks, volumes, file systems, and storage arrays. Manual
Volume Shadow Copy VSS VSSVC.exe Manages and implements Volume Shadow Copies used for backup and other purposes. Manual
Web Management Service WMSVC

Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
WebClient WebClient svchost.exe / webclnt.dll Enables Windows-based programs to create, access, and modify Internet-based files. Manual
Windows Audio AudioSrv svchost.exe / audiosrv.dll Manages audio for Windows-based programs. Automatic (Started)
If this service is stopped, audio devices and effects will not function properly.
Windows Audio Endpoint Builder AudioEndpointBuilder svchost.exe Manages audio devices for the Windows Audio service. Automatic (Started)
If this service is stopped, audio devices and effects will not function properly.
Windows Backup SDRSVC svchost.exe / sdrsvc.dll Windows Backup and Restore capabilities. Manual
Windows Biometric Service WbioSrvc svchost.exe / wbiosrvc.dll The Windows biometric service gives client applications the ability to capture, compare, manipulate, and store biometric data without gaining direct access to any biometric hardware or samples. Manual
Windows CardSpace idsvc infocard.exe Securely enables the creation, management, and disclosure of digital identities. Manual
Windows Color System WcsPlugInService svchost.exe / WcsPlugInService.dll Third-party Windows Color System color device model and gamut map model plug-in modules. These plug-in modules are vendor-specific extensions to the Windows Color System baseline. Manual
Windows Connect Now – Config Registrar wcncsvc svchost.exe / wcncsvc.dll Microsoft's Implementation of Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) protocol. This is used to configure Wireless LAN settings for an Access Point (AP) or a Wi-Fi Device. Manual
Windows Defender WinDefend svchost.exe / MsMpRes.dll Protection against spyware and potentially unwanted software. Automatic (Delayed Start, Started)
Windows Driver Foundation – User-mode Driver Framework wudfsvc svchost.exe / wudfsvc.dll Creates and manages user-mode driver processes. This service cannot be stopped. Manual
Windows Error Reporting Service WerSvc svchost.exe / wersvc.dll Allows errors to be reported when programs stop working or responding and allows existing solutions to be delivered. Also allows logs to be generated for diagnostic and repair services. Manual
Windows Event Collector Wecsvc svchost.exe / wecsvc.dll Manages persistent subscriptions to events from remote sources that support WS-Management protocol. This includes Windows Vista event logs, hardware and IPMI-enabled event sources. Manual
Windows Event Log EventLog svchost.exe / wevtsvc.dll Manages events and event logs. Automatic (Started)
Windows Firewall MpsSvc svchost.exe / FirewallAPI.dll Windows Firewall Automatic (Started)
Windows Font Cache Service FontCache svchost.exe / FntCache.dll Cache commonly used font data. Automatic (Delayed Start, Started)
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) StiSvc svchost.exe / wiaservc.dll Provides image acquisition services for scanners and cameras Manual
Windows Installer msiserver MSIEXEC.exe Adds, modifies, and removes applications provided as a Windows Installer (*.msi) package. Manual
Windows Management Instrumentation Winmgmt svchost.exe / wmisvc.dll Provides a common interface and object model to access management information about operating system, devices, applications and services. Automatic (Started)
Windows Media Center Receiver Service ehRecvr ehRecvr.exe Windows Media Center Service for TV and FM broadcast reception Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Windows Media Center Scheduler Service ehSched ehSched.exe Starts and stops recording of TV programs within Windows Media Center Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service WMPNetworkSvc wmpnetwk.exe Shares Windows Media Player libraries to other networked players and media devices using Universal Plug and Play - provided for backward compatibility only. Manual (Started)
Windows Modules Installer TrustedInstaller TrustedInstaller.exe Enables installation, modification, and removal of Windows updates and optional components. Manual
Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache FontCache3.0.0.0 PresentationFontCache.exe Cache commonly used font data for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications. Manual
Windows Process Activation Service WAS WatUX.exe Performs Windows 7 Validation. Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Windows Remote Management (WS-Management) WinRM svchost.exe / wsmsvc.dll Implements the WS-Management protocol for remote management. WS-Management is a standard web services protocol used for remote software and hardware management.
The WinRM service reserves the /wsman URL prefix.
Windows Search WSearch SearchIndexer.exe Provides content indexing, property caching, and search results for files, e-mail, and other content. Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
Windows Time W32Time svchost.exe / w32time.dll Maintains date and time synchronization on all clients and servers in the network. Manual
Windows Update wuauserv svchost.exe / wuaueng.dll Enables the detection, download, and installation of updates for Windows and other programs. Automatic (Delayed Start, Started)
WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service WinHttpAutoProxySvc svchost.exe / winhttp.dll Implements the client HTTP stack and provides developers with a Win32 API and COM Automation component for sending HTTP requests and receiving responses. Manual
Wired AutoConfig dot3svc svchost.exe / dot3svc.dll IEEE 802.1X authentication on Ethernet interfaces. Manual
WLAN AutoConfig Wlansvc svchost.exe / wlansvc.dll Provides the logic required to configure, discover, connect to, and disconnect from a wireless local area network (WLAN) as defined by IEEE 802.11 standards. Manual
WMI Performance Adapter wmiApSrv WmiApSrv.exe / wmiapsrv.exe Provides performance library information from Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) providers to clients on the network. Manual
Workstation LanmanWorkstation svchost.exe / wkssvc.dll Creates and maintains client network connections to remote servers using the SMB protocol. Automatic (Started)
World Wide Web Publishing Service W3SVC

Optional feature (Control Panel add features)
WWAN AutoConfig WwanSvc svchost.exe / wwansvc.dll Manages mobile broadband (GSM & CDMA) data card/embedded module adapters and connections by auto-configuring the networks. Manual

The defaults above are based on Windows 7 Professional SP1, defaults for other versions, Home/Ultimate etc can be found over on the Black Viper Service Tweaking guide.

Before changing any of the defaults - use the links above to find what exactly the service does.

It is inadvisable to disable a service without being aware of the consequences, always start by setting the service to manual, reboot and test for any problems.

A service set to manual will be automatically restarted if another service is dependent on it.
A service set to disabled will not restart even if it's required to boot the machine!

If a service crashes the machine at startup, you can DISABLE it using the recovery console.

Stopping or disabling a service will generally save a small amount of memory and will reduce the number of software interrupts (cpu message queue.) The main reason for tinkering with services is to harden the system against security vulnerabilities. Disable everything that you don’t need or use - then any future problems with those services cannot affect the machine.

The security group All Services (NT SERVICES\ALL SERVICES) includes all service processes that are configured on the system. Membership of this group is controlled by the OS.

To document all the services currently installed:

SC QUERY state= all |findstr "DISPLAY_NAME STATE" >my_services.csv

Some services communicate and send data directly to Microsoft, this is not generally something to lose sleep over. Managing the running of these services might be a consideration if confidentiality or anonymity is highly important to you.

Remove a service completely

To delete a service use the SC delete command:
SC delete NameofServiceTodelete

Built-in Service Accounts

In addition to other Default User & Group accounts there are 3 built-in accounts, designed for running background services.

Local Service Account (NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE) - has the same level of access to resources and objects as members of the Users group. This limited access helps safeguard the system if individual services or processes are compromised. Services that run as the Local Service account access network resources as a null session without credentials. (This account is not supported for running SQL Server services.)

Network Service Account (NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE) - has more access to resources and objects than members of the Users group. Services that run as the Network Service account access network resources by using the credentials of the computer account.

Local System Account (NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM) - a very high-privileged built-in account. It has extensive privileges on the local system and acts as the computer on the network.

Windows 2008 introduced a new feature: Managed Service Accounts these provide automatic password management and simplified service principal name (SPN) management. Service accounts are created in PowerShell with New-ADServiceAccount

“The service we render to others is really the rent we pay for our room on this earth. It is obvious that man is himself a traveler; that the purpose of this world is not 'to have and to hold' but 'to give and serve.' There can be no other meaning” - Sir Wilfred T. Grenfell


SC - Service Control
TASKLIST - List running tasks and services
PORTQRY - Enumerate SQL Server instances, Local ports, local services and the DLL modules loaded.
WinMSD - List running services
ServiceStatus.ps1 - List all services (PowerShell)
Safe Mode - Press F8 during bootup to start with mimimal services running.
Recovery - The Recovery Console
WMIC SERVICE - WMI access to services
DComCnfg - Disable/configure Component Services
windows\system32\drivers\etc\services - Ports and Services
Black Viper - Windows 10 Services Guide
Q137890 - SRVANY - create a User-Defined Service
Q288129 - Grant users the right to manage services (Windows 2000 KB but still works in Windows 7)

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