Select … Into

Make-table query.

      SELECT field1[, field2[, …]] INTO newtable [IN externaldatabase]
         FROM source

   field1, field2   The fields to be copied into the new table.

   newtable         The name of the table to be created.

   externaldatabase The path to an external database.

   source           The name of the existing table(s) or query from which
                    the records are selected.

Use make-table queries to archive records or make backup copies of tables.

Dim dbs As Database

Set dbs = OpenDatabase("Northwind.mdb")

' Copy the Employees table to a new table, Emp_Backup.
dbs.Execute "SELECT Employees.* INTO Emp_Backup FROM Employees;"


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Delete - Delete records.
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Execute(SQL/VBA) - Execute a procedure or run SQL.
Insert - Add records to a table (append query).
Select - Retrieve data from one or more tables or queries.
Union - Combine the results of two SQL queries.
Update - Update existing field values in a table.

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